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College Students and Social Media

College Students and Social Media: What You Need to Know

The relationship between college students and social media is inevitable. Social media is a platform for interaction between different people. You do not have to be friends with someone to interact on social media.

In the last decade, a lot of social media platforms have come up. They connect people from all over the world. As the use of mobile phone increases, more people are getting connected via social media. It is a cheap, fast and efficient way to connect.

How is it important?

  1. college students and social media for employment Purposes

Social media platforms are useful as avenues for companies to draw students for jobs and internships in their companies. College students spend a lot of time on the social media every day. Some people take social media as a waste of time but in actual sense, it can be used for positive results. How can companies tap into the power of the combination between college students and social media?

  1. Personalizing the site. As a company, you can allow your employees some freedom when writing posts. You can allow them to add their portfolios and bios on the web page. It makes the company appear more human. Adding the names of your employees makes it more attractive.
  2. As you advertise for job opportunities, give the students a sneak preview of what it feels like to work at your company. You could do this by taking real pictures of employees. The employees can blog about their experiences or you could invite students to your company one day. Having a sneak preview enables them to decide whether that is a place they would like to work at.
  3. Social media is ever evolving. The strategies used by companies to advertise for jobs are also changing. Unlike before where jobs were only advertised on notice boards and in newspapers, today you can advertise on social media networks like Facebook.

Do not be surprised to learn that your competitors have gone as far as coming up with an app for job advertisement. What if you want to reach college students and social media is the most efficient way? As a company, you have to evolve as technology evolves.

  1. Job advancement, mentorship programs and the working environment are details that interest college students before applying for a job. They want to be sure of the place they hope to work. Welcome job applicants for online chats where they get live answers.

How college students and social media can be used to land a dream job

Social media is a platform for not only the students but also the employers. Depending on the job, some employers require that their employees be active on social media. If you are interested in careers like graphic design and advertising, you cannot afford to be idle on social media.

Ways to position yourself in social media for potential employers

  1. Develop a portfolio

Social media portfolios are an excellent way of displaying your strengths, communication skills and leadership skills. The way you interact with people online also shows the level of your communication skills.

Small things like the things you post and how you do all go a long way. Some executives are very keen on an employee’s activity on social media such as what they talk about and how active are they.

As you develop your portfolio, include the links to all social networks that you are active in. Make sure to leave out anything that could jeopardize your chance of being employed.

When creating a portfolio,

  • consider your target group
  • when to post on the social sites
  • what to post
  • strategize on how the portfolio will expose you to the right people

Make your social site points of meaningful information. Plan and make it what you want it to be. As recruiters search the web for qualified employees, let your portfolio do the work for you. Stand out among your peers.

  1. Be influential

Influential people are leaders. They are confident and not afraid of sharing their views. Pick a topic and showcase your expertise in it. Soon, authoritative companies will start following you. You know what that means? They will soon look for you to join them.

If you are good in design layouts and Photoshop, do not be afraid to post your samples. That is how customers will reach you. Anytime you work, post a sample or even a review from the client. You will soon be known as an authority in your area of work. That means it’s possible to get employment even before you graduate.

  1. Shinning for the decision makers

Decision makers want to be sure of their decision before employing you. A portfolio is a good way to do it. It is better than Curriculum Vitae to some extent. It gives physical evidence for your expertise. If it’s a marketer, you can add the number of companies that you have advertised for. For a blogger, you can add a link to your blog. You will only work on being relevant on social media then portfolio will get you a job.


  1. Helpful in collaborative learning

You can use social media to connect with students and share helpful information. Since students spend a lot of time on social media, then you are sure you will get help in real time when needed. The platform presents an avenue of sharing information.

You learn to share helpful information with your peers. It’s a point of learning from the others. Students who interact with others on social media share a connection. They are therefore able to interact without a problem. They have an oneness that encourages good communication channels amongst them.

  1. Negative effect on grades.

College students spend a good percentage of their time on social media. Some are even reported to browse through it when in class. It is addictive to some. Some parents cannot see its use to the students for some believe that it is a source of negative peer influence.

In this age of digital awareness, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social media. Depending on how you use social media, it can either be destructive or constructive.

One thing is for sure, it is an efficient and fast way to communicate. It does not have boundaries; the information sent out in public places reaches everyone on your site.

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