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College Students and Sleep

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship between College Students and Sleep

College students and sleep is among the issue that has a direct influence on your performance in college. As a college student, you spend a lot of time reading, walking from one class to the other and using a lot of your mental facility. At the end of the day, it is expected that you will feel tired.

One way to relax is to get enough sleep. It is a time of relaxation and it nourishes your body. Sleep prepares you for the next day’s activities. For a college student, you should sleep for a minimum of seven to eight hours.

Interesting findings on college students and sleep

  • College students with sleep disorders perform poorly in reading, writing and maths as compared to those without any sleeping disorder.
  • Poor sleep among college students affects academic performance and daytime activities.
  • Students studying humanities in college have a higher probability of sleeping well as compared to medical students.
  • Reading all through the night does not guarantee high grades. Students who do this achieve low grades.
  • Most students with insomnia suffer more from mental health compared to those without insomnia.

College life is fun and it is easy to forget the relationship between college students and sleep. During the day, you are occupied with classes and the only time to have fun is in the evening. When you are having fun, sleep seems to disappear.

The danger with this is that you become almost unproductive the following day. It is alright to have fun in the evening once in a while. Even a whole night is allowed but it should not be done often times. It has the capacity of affecting your performance in class.

During exam time, you can be tempted to read the whole night; this is not efficient as your mind will not remember much of what you will read. A minimum of seven hours is required after reading for your mind to digest what you have read.

Why you need good sleep

  • It improves the functioning of the body
  • Sleep is good for good health
  • It allows your brain a chance to relax and prepare for the fooling day
  • Sleep is important when it comes to immune function, growth and tissue repair

How to maintain a healthy relationship between college students and sleep

  1. Having a sleep schedule. This involves having a constant time to sleep and wake up every day. The habit synchronizes your internal clock. If you have problems finding sleep in the evening, it helps your body to adjust. If the problem is waking up in the morning, then your internal clock is synchronized which allows you to wake up without much difficulty.
  2. They are good especially when done during the day. They give you positive energy throughout the day. You are advised against exercising less than three hours before you get to bed.

This is regardless of the type of exercise you carry out. When you exercise close to your bedtime, it hinders you from sleeping well. The exercise will stimulate your body thereby hindering good sleep.

  1. Regular meal time. The best time to eat is early in the evening. Eating early allows your body time to digest the food before you sleep. This practice is recommended for people trying to lose weight. It is difficult to catch sleep fast when your body is digesting the food.
  2. Research has proven that caffeine interrupts sleep patterns for more than 10hrs after taking. That means that if you plan to sleep at ten, avoid food with caffeine any time after eleven in the morning. Tea, soda and coffee all contain caffeine.
  3. Nap time. Nap-time is normally thirty or less minutes. Anything beyond that sends a signal to your body that you are ready for a deep sleep. Also, take naps way before your sleep time. The further they are from your sleep time, the less they are likely to affect your sleeping habits.
  4. Pre-sleep routine. If you take time to sleep when you go to bed, look for activities to do before sleeping that will help you sleep faster when you go to bed. You could read a book, take a shower, take chamomile tea or anything else that will help you.
  5. Sleep inducing environment. Are you aware that you can improve your sleeping habits by improving your room? Yes you can. One way to do it is by reducing the amount of light in your sleeping area. Light affects the amount of melatonin produced. It is a hormone produced by the brain to induce sleep.

Where possible, make your bed as much of a sleeping area as possible. What does that mean? Remove books, movies, work material from your bed. Do away with anything that makes it seem anything other than a place to relax.

  1. Managing stress. Stressful thoughts can make you take a lot of time before sleeping. You waste a lot of time looking for solutions, analyzing events or worrying about something that has not yet happened. The most efficient to tackle this is way to deal with this is to deal with anything that is on your mind before getting to bed. When you go to bed, you will not have anything to worry about.

Causes for poor sleeping habits:

  • Bad eating and sleeping habits
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Substance abuse
  • All night studying
  • Ignorance o the importance of sleep

Consequences poor college students and sleep relationship:

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Poor performance
  3. Low concentration level in class
  4. Headaches
  5. Poor mental health
  6. Missed class
  7. Poor control in blood pressure, glucose metabolism and low sensitivity to insulin
  8. Weight gain. You end up acquiring unhealthy eating habits which affect your metabolism

Sleep time is a time to rest and relax. It is recommended for college students. When you sleep well, then your productivity is high. When you combine hard work with good sleeping habits, then you can be sure of good grades.

Sleeping too much is not healthy as it is likely to make you feel lazy and bored. Good sleeping habits go a long way in enhancing excellent health. Your body need to be nourished and restored: be fair to your body by sleeping well.  It is therefore important to balance the life of a college students and sleep.

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