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College students living off campus

How College Students Living off Campus can Enjoy their College Life

College students living off campus make a number of decisions before choosing to stay in apartments. As you progress from teenage to adulthood, you are expected to make more decisions. One of the decisions has to do with your education.

Decisions like, which university or college should you join? Which course are you interested in? How will you fund your education? Will you stay outside or inside the campus premises?

Most universities and colleges do not allow their first-year students to live off campus. They each have their reasons for this. After first year, you are allowed to make a choice on where to live. More and more students prefer living in apartments more than ever. How can college students living off campus make their college life enjoyable?


Live close to your school. Why?


  • So as to enjoy all the free facilities found on campus. Facilities like recreational facilities, the library and cheaper places to enjoy meals. If you live far from campus, you will not be able to enjoy the facilities. The only time you will be in school is when you have classes.
  • You will not need to travel for long before getting to school. This is especially useful if you have early morning classes. Waking up to attend early morning classes is already a challenge, so if you live far from school, which will mean you will always be late. During exams, you will have to be extremely careful so that you do not get late.
  • Companionship with your friends. It’s nice to know that you can choose to be alone or with people. When you want to be alone, you just go to your apartment. During times when you want to hang out with your friends, since they are around, you can just walk over to campus.
  • If you want to work when in college, living off campus might be ideal. Again, you will want to be in a place where you can easily access the school in case you need notes or any academic assistance


  • Finding roommates

College students living off campus can find the experience boring and expensive. You do not want to live in a place that drains all your money and leaves you broke all the time. As you look for an apartment off campus, get a place that you can enjoy some serenity.

Living with like-minded people can make living off campus very easy. For one, you will agree on boundaries and general guidelines on how to live. Everyone will feel safe and at home. After your first year, you will most likely have made friends. You can agree to move in together.

Living together cuts the costs for everyone because for the most part, the expenses and cost shared. If you share the same courses, you could be of great help to each other in terms of your studies.

Living with strangers can be tricky especially if they turn out to be totally different from you. It is better that you take time to find a good roommate or you live alone until you find one. If you are fortunate enough to get a roommate whom you share classes with, then you can even assist each other academically.

  • Amenities in the apartments

Your apartment is your temporary home. Just like a home has kitchenware and other appliances, so should an apartment should have such things. They make the place homely and comfortable to live. As you look for an apartment outside school, you want a place where you can enjoy. At the same time, you want a place that will give you a good atmosphere to study. Convenience is therefore very important.

  1. A kitchen is a must have. When you live outside college, you either buy food from hotels every day or you can choose to cook. Buying all your meals is expensive. At times there is no time for that. A kitchen saves money and allows for more bonding time with roommates.

For college students living off campus, cooking your meals gives you an option of making healthy choices. Instead of eating junk food from cafeterias you can make a complete healthy meal at the comfort of your home.

  1. Furnished apartment or not? It’s cheaper and more convenient to move into an apartment with furnishings like dressers, beds, tables and such. It means you will not need to buy everything to start residing there. You will only buy a few items and continue living there.
  2. Internet access for communication. Is it free? Is it available? As a college student, you need internet for research purposes and communication. Is there internet in the apartment or is there a common room for internet? If there is no internet, do not assume the cost in your monthly expenditure bill. This is because; you have to cater for it if you decide to live outside campus. In campus it is free.
  3. Do you get one utility bill? Utility bills include internet, electricity and water bills. Check to make sure they are included in the rent. For students living on campus, all the costs are included in the rent paid. Compare to see whether you can afford the cost and whether it makes sense.
  4. Facility fitness. A work out session is important for a healthy life. In most cases, campuses have a fitness center where students enjoy workout sessions at their time of convenience. Does the apartment have a Fitness Center? Are its hours of operation convenient for you? Which equipment’s does the center have? Do you need to pay an extra cost to access it?
  • Buying food is a huge expense whether living in or outside the campus. This cost can be cut by learning to cook. College students living off campus can share responsibilities like cooking and buying food. It simplifies life.

Living on campus requires less decision making and the challenges are less. College students living off campus have to be deliberate on the places they live. If not so, your college life will not be memorable. Otherwise, you will keep wishing you live in campus.

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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