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College Students Addictions

How to Get over Different College Students Addictions

College students addictions come in different ways. Some students may be addicted to a particular habit or substance, yet they are not aware of it. Some of these addictions include drug and alcohol addiction, gaming addiction, sex addiction, eating addictions and much more.

The most typical type of college students addictions is drugs and alcohol. At some point in college, four out of five students have used drugs or alcohol. Some of them do not just use them, but it is a way of life, which makes them addicted to them.


How do you know you have an addiction?

College students’ addiction may have started from when he or she was in high school, but most of them become evident when they join college. This is because there is so much time at your disposal in college as compared to high school. Another reason why addiction can get worse while in college is that students have more freedom since they are not under the watch of their parents anymore.

  1. Dependency

One way to know that you have an addiction is when you start thinking you cannot do without a certain thing. For example, a college student who is addicted to his or her phone cannot even concentrate in class without a phone. They start thinking that a phone is a reason they can only survive.


  1. When you start feeling you can do anything to get something

Addiction makes you push yourself to the limits you never thought you could reach. The problem with this is that these efforts could turn out to be negative just to satisfy your addiction for something. For example, a student addicted to alcohol can go to a point of selling his or her gadgets just to attend that house party full of alcohol.


How do you get over addiction when in College?

Getting over any college addiction can be a tough choice for any addict. The reason is it involves tough choices that include a change of lifestyle or even dropping some friends. If you are so much into your friends, it will be a tough choice; if they are the obstacle between you and getting over the addiction, you have to do it.


Here are a few ways that can help you get rid of addiction

  1. Seek help from a counselor

Most colleges have counseling departments that students can get help from when they are going through certain problems not only addiction. If you feel that, you are getting addicted to a particular thing they can help you get through it. The counselors that the school provides are experienced in college-related issues, and they will assist you in the right way.


The earlier you notice you have an addition, the better it is to seek the help of the counselor. They will help you cope with accepting that you are addicted, and you need help. This way you will feel more comfortable opening up with the counselor.



Because the school counseling department consists of senior lecturers and school workers, some students may feel uncomfortable seeking help there because they fear the counselors may judge them maybe because they know them. This gives way to the next way.


  1. Seek help from a rehabilitation center or program

There are rehabilitation centers and programs that college students can get rid of their college addiction without interfering with their classes. They have the required equipment and expertise to help you get through any addictions. Here you will be able to have counseling sessions with other addicts, and it helps you to feel you are not alone.


How to you go about it

Establish what you want

The first step is always to realize and accept the type of addiction that you want to get rid of. Know the kind of help that you need so that you can know the type of rehab center or program that you will enroll.


Find the rehabilitation center or program that suits your needs.

There are so many centers out there that you can go to, but you have to consider many things before enrolling on one. Do some research on your several options and find out which is the best. You can use a recommendation from other people who have had addictions before.


Consider things like your budget, your availability and what the center demands. You do not want a center or program that will compromise your studies.


Finally, the last step is establishing whether you can trust the center or program to get you through the addiction. They should be ready to work with you to get rid of the addiction without inflicting any damage to your health; either mentally or physically.


The real thing with an outdoor counselor is that he or she will help you break down the psychological obstacle standing between you and the college students addictions. They will do this and keep your confidentiality as well.


What to Do To Get Rid of the College students addictions

Accept that you are addicted

As mentioned earlier this is the first step to your road to recovery. Accepting that you are an addict will give you the courage to seek help. You should know that you are not the only user in the world, and it takes courage for one to accept the truth and try to deal with it.


Open up to your counselor

Hiding some facts from your guide might prevent them from knowing the extent of your addiction. This can be an obstacle to your recovery. You should keep in mind that the counselor is your friend at that moment, and you should trust him with every detail about your college addition.

Getting rid of the addiction should be a personal decision. Sometimes it is not even the counselor that can help you get over an addiction. It’s your decision to overcome this problem. The counselor should just be there to guide you.

In conclusion, there are other ways to get over college students additions, but if you follow the above tips, your recovery will be useful.

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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