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College Social Problems Affecting Students

College Social Problems that May affect your Grades

Societal problems do not only affect the adult population. College students are also affected by the challenges that trickle from the social system. You can never handle college social problems unless you understand them.

We have a wide range of college social problems that students go through. Some of these social challenges include racism, economy, drug and alcohol abuse, broken relationships, and unwanted pregnancies just to name a few. This piece attempts to handle the college social problems that you may go through as a student.



The term racism refers to acting negatively towards someone because he has a different origin from yours. People are usually divided in terms of color and social statuses depending on their origin. You can either be black or white.

Racism appears top on the list of college social problems. It’s very bad to deny your colleagues their basic human rights simply because they are of a different origin. Racism has very bad effects on students. In fact, many college students have dropped out of school, while others have committed suicide because of racial discrimination. Huffington Post reported on the government report that found racism rife in college.

It is the responsibility of the education board to ensure that we have racial equity in schools. Racism issues go beyond outlawing segregation in colleges. We have a large population of college students who are considered as racial minorities. Most of these students have bright brains that need to be nurtured.

Most students who are segregated end up attending urban, low-income colleges. Such schools lack the capacity to offer the same level of education like institutions in higher income sub-urban areas. This means that the segregated college students cannot exploit their full potential.

Racism has a direct effect on the level of concentration of the college student. This is because racism kills the personality of the segregated student. It is advisable to develop self-confidence for you to overcome this inferiority feeling that comes with racial discrimination. Focusing on your academic goals and using the challenges as stepping-stones to your success is the best way to forge ahead.



There is no single individual who doesn’t feel the effects of a downward economic turn. The effects are worse for students because they have very little time for making money. The truth of the matter is that most college students fully or partly rely on their parents or guardians for sponsorship.

Most college students face a budgetary crisis when less money gets into the society. You are then required to balance between the little you have with the increasing needs. For example, the cost of food and school bus fuel increases during the slow economy. These costs are usually passed on to the college students and their parents by the respective institutions.

Schools may also retrench their lecturers when the economy is low. This has a direct impact on the academic achievement of the student. You may fail your exams simply because you dint have enough instructors to take you through the process. According to the Wall Street Journal, economic challenges fall among the college social problems that affect learners. There is correlation between the earnings of a  and the level of education of children in the family.


Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol abuse is a trap that you should never desire to get in to as a college student. Drug abuse is one of the college social problems that have life time effects to the learner. Most college students start using drugs due to peer pressure.

College students who engage in drug and substance abuse have numerous scholastic challenges. Some of them end up involving in criminal activities to raise cash for purchasing drugs. The challenge of drug abuse is that it is addictive and very hard to rehabilitate.

Most college students who are suffering from drug addiction rarely perform well in class work. Some of these students rarely attend classes, record very low grades, and have memory issues. Drug and substance abuse is one of the monsters that are eating up our young and intelligent brains.

You should try the much you can to avoid groups that can drug you into alcohol. If you are already into it, seek medical and professional advice on how you can avoid its effects on your academics.


Broken Relationships

Most college students engage in relationships that end up in sexual intimacy. Boy-girl relationships can be very harmful to the life of a college student. A student who has a fiancée has to divide his attention between the friend and his academics. Most of them give a lot of priority to the relationship and pay less attention in class.

These problems increase when the student pays a lot of attention to the relationship and then it finally breaks. The consequences of a broken relationship are very bad especially when someone leaves you your close friend or classmate. You can rarely concentrate in class when you have just lost a boy or girl friend.

Most students find it very hard to overcome the challenges of a broken relationship. You should be very careful when you decide to enter into a relationship while in college. It’s better to concentrate on your studies and think about relationships after college.


Unwanted Pregnancies

The National Campaign To Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reported that there is 6% annual  dropout rate among girls.

You rarely come across a pregnant college student who had planned for the same. The expectations of a pregnant woman are usually very high. It’s very hard to balance between pregnancy or baby sitting and the busy academic schedule. Most students end up deferring their studies in to assume the responsibility of a mother.

A good college student should have protected sex if they can’t avoid getting intimate. However, the best advice is abstinence for unmarried college students. Unprotected sex before marriage can also lead to contracting contagious diseases.

A girl who conceives while in college assumes responsibilities she was not psychologically prepared to handle. Some people may advice you to go for an abortion, but it also comes with several social and psychological challenges. It’s good to note that prevention is always better than cure.

In conclusion, having gone through this article, you will appreciate the fact that we have numerous social problems that affect college students. You have control over some of these challenges while there is nothing you can do about others. The challenge is that all these challenges have a direct impact on your academic performance. It’s advisable to take charge of what you can to achieve your academic goals.

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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