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College Challenges

10 Common College Challenges Students

College life leaves most students with a happy experience full of fond memories. However, this life has its own problems and rough patches. Though these problems are unique to different individuals, some of them are common among students. This paper addresses ten common college challenges that face students.

  1. Studying

Handling academic work in college is so involving for most students. This is because you are required to put in higher effort than what you did in high school. In college, two-year work is usually covered within a single year. This makes it very stressful for college students to go through the academic program.

Most students are exposed to more credit semesters making it very hard to cope with the learning environment. Learning is meant to be enjoyable and not stressful for students. There is no way you will gain knowledge if attending classes fall on the list of your college challenges.

It is important to realize your limits and bite what you can chew. It’s better to take a longer period while studying but maximize your achievement in class. A friendly learning environment equips you well for the job market.

It is advisable to create some free time on your schedule for recreational activities. Studying all the time is hectic and may discourage you from furthering your education. Having fun and taking a few study breaks keeps your mind clear and fresh. Recreation creates the desire to learn more within the student.

  1. Job

Most students are forced to look for a job to compact the increasing prices of college fees. Some students join clubs or sports to earn some extra income. However it is very hard to balance between learning and working. This is because both activities are involving and have set targets.

Learning and working do not allow you to have enough time to rest. You become susceptible to various health conditions because of straining in life. This makes jobs to become serious college challenges among learners.

To solve this problem, it’s good to decide what is important to you as a student. Studies are very critical as they will assist you to develop your career. You’d rather prioritize your studies before scheduling for meetings, games, events and part time employment. If your job has drastic effects on your academic performance, you can defer the semester and look for school fees before making a comeback.

  1. Money

Students have several needs including tuition fees, prices of textbooks, gas for your car, shopping trips, and eating just to name a few. It’s very hard to meet all these costs with the current level of global inflation. This means that money is among the serious college challenges that you face as a student.

You can be forced to juggle between learning and working to make ends meet. This is why most students graduate with so many debts. Students need to find out ways of cutting on their operational costs to reduce this challenge. The best solution for your money problems is securing a scholarship, but this is very hard to find.

  1. Health Conditions and Sicknesses

Most students record high levels of stress due to lack of sufficient rest or sleep. Balancing between class work and other activities is proofing to be harder day after day. Such a program exposes you to serious health problems emanating from stress.

Most college students reside in dorms and close quarters. These conditions of living may pose health risks to you as a student. They come with high chances of contracting all sorts of viral infections. It is advisable to consume healthy and well balanced diets while in college to reduce medical related college challenges.

You should also get sufficient rest at night and avoid overworking your system. As a college student, you need to keep your hands, doorknobs, bathrooms, and other shared places clean. This reduces the level of communicable diseases in college. The advantage is that most campuses have standby nurses who provide medical advice and assistance when need arises.

  1. Depression

Depression is caused by most of these college challenges. This is because these problems raise the level of stress among college students. You can overcome depression by either partying or creating enough time to relax. However, you can also seek medical attention if the levels of depression or stress are on the rise. Counselors can listen to you and provide the necessary assistance to get you back on track.

  1. Homesickness

It is very hard for a student to avoid suffering from homesick. This is more common for students who attend colleges that are far away from their homes. Homesick affects you more when you are a freshman, and it’s your first year away from home. To make matters worse, most institutions don’t allow you to own a car in your first year at the campus.

In case you don’t stay far from home, you can organize to make several convenient trips back home to cure homesickness. You can also make or receive several phone calls, emails, and care packages from family and friends. Homesickness is among the schooling challenges that are easily curable.

  1. Friends and Roommates

Roommates and friend are good but a time they can be a nuisance. There is no angel in the world; hence disappointments from friends are the order of the day. Friend and roommates at college are your closest brothers and sisters while in campus. It’s good to have some bonding activities out of college to assist solve any disagreements among friends and eliminate any tension.

  1. Choosing a Major

You can go through a lot of stress while selecting your major subject. There is a common perception that your major determines your future career and earnings. It’s good to choose something that you enjoy doing to avoid struggling with academics. It’s meaningless to spend a lot of time worrying about your major when you have a chance to undertake your masters in your desired field of study.

  1. Relationships

You cannot talk about college issues without mentioning relationships. They are good, but they can become problematic if not handled with care. Disagreements and issues are part of any healthy relationship. Break ups can make you go into depression and eventually drop out of college. It’s important for couples and dating students to solve their differences amicably and timely. If issues get out of hand, it’s good to seek professional advice.

  1. Partying

Most college parties cause several problems among students. Parties are meant to build relationships, but they may end up breaking. The main sources of trouble in college parties are drug abuse, alcohol consumption and sex related issues. Most of these activities usually occur at night and get out of control. This means that you should plan and enjoy parties in a responsible manner.


This article only provided ten among several college challenges that students go through. However, students have more good times than challenging moments. It’s important for you to focus on your studies as you look for the best ways to solve the challenges that face you on a day to day basis.

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