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Christian Apologetics in the Early Church

Research Paper: Topic Selection Instructions

You must choose a topic from the list presented below to become your research paper topic. A simple acknowledgement of which topic is chosen is all that is required. No 2students may choose the same topic.


To select your topic, you must go to the course Wiki and place your name beside the topic you choose. You must choose from the list and may only choose a topic no one else has chosen.


Approved Topics

  • Christian Apologetics in the Early Church
  • Baptismal Practices and the Eucharist
  • Understanding and Explaining the Trinity
  • Understanding and Explaining the Incarnation
  • Grace and Free Will
  • Justification and Post-Baptismal Sins
  • Charlene Griffin Selection
  • Church Discipline and Restoration
  • Models of Church Polity (Church Government)
  • Contextualization through the Centuries
  • Christianity and Islam
  • Christian Belief and Philosophy
  • Church/State Relations Before, During, and After the Constantinian Settlement
  • Tertullian, Cyprian, and Augustine: The Foundations of Western Theology
  • Missionary Expansion through the Centuries
  • Science and Faith
  • Hermeneutical Practices of the Church
  • The Church and the Canon
  • Gnostic Tendencies through the Centuries
  • Arianism, Old and New
  • Modalism, Old and New
  • Marriage, Human Sexuality, and the Family in Christian Thought
  • Eschatological Speculations and Interpretations


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 1.

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