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RSSCategory: Sample Questions

Criminal Liability

Criminal Liability Vasudha is hitchhiking her way from Liverpool to Newcastle. Along the way, she is offered a lift by Del. After an hour or so, Vasudha dozes off. When she awakes she finds that Del has left the highway and has stopped in the driveway of an isolated cabin. Del grabs Vasudha by the […]

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The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence A. The Declaration of Independence states that people have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What do you feel a right to life is? Do you believe this right to life can be taken away from you? If so, for what reason? B. What do you […]

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Child Psychology in Play

Child Psychology in Play Choose 3 of the children to write about – they must be from different video clips. For each child: Briefly describe the child you’ll be assessing (e.g., the boy in the light blue shirt) Determine the level of play that each child is engaged in: functional, constructive, dramatic or formal games […]

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Social Learning Theory and Correctional Rehabilitation

Social Learning Theory and Correctional Rehabilitation Social learning theory draws the most convincing support from research on correctional rehabilitation. Specifically, Andrews and Bonta (1998) have identified four major risk factors that influence the likelihood of reoffending. Known as the “Big Four”, these risk factors include: antisocial attitudes antisocial peers history of antisocial behavior antisocial personality […]

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Legal Advice on Gentleman’s Club

Legal Advice on Gentleman’s Club 1. You are a lawyer. You have a client who wants to open a Gentleman’s Club (strip club) in Corpus Christi. Advise your client about the laws that regulate such clubs and what is legal and illegal. Advise him on all salient matters, from where he places the club to […]

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Competition in Health Care

Competition in Health Care One of the trends marking the continuing transformation of the U.S. health care industry is the dramatic increase in the pace of competition. The heightened competition is taking place among hospitals, health plans, physician groups, and drug companies, and between physicians and hospitals, and hospitals and health plans. Listen to the […]

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TORTS Homework help

TORTS Homework help Alice was on a bicycle ride along Main Street. To get maximum speed and exercise, she would keep her head down much of the time, only looking up every so often to check ahead of her for other cyclists, joggers, and parked cars. This is a common way for cyclists to ride. […]

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Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal Instructions   You are asked to reflect on the material presented in Unit 1 on healthy aging and the life course perspective. You can choose to:   Reflect solely on the reading material for this unit;   Reflect on the experience(s) in your personal or professional life that are relevant to the unit […]

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Enemies of the Electoral College

 Enemies of the Electoral College Please read more about our writing services here. See below Gregg, G. L. (2011). “Unpopular vote: Enemies of the Electoral College aim to scrap the Founders’ design.” The American Conservative 10 (12), 33+.   Underhill, W. (2012). Changing up the Electoral College? State Legislatures, 38(1), 9. Upon reading the two […]

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Classical and Medieval Bodies Politics

Classical and Medieval Bodies Politics Please read more about our services here. Short Papers Instructions You will be required to draft 2 short research papers. The papers must each be at least 2 pages (not including the required title page and bibliography), in current Turabian format, with default margins and in 12-pt Times New Roman […]

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