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Case: Venture Tape (P). v. McGills Glass Warehouse (D)

Legal Cases Presented

Business Law
Case: Venture Tape (P). v. McGills Glass Warehouse (D

I will be Plaintiff in this case
– The plaintiff’s side must introduce the facts of the case. Most of the cases are appellate level cases so the plaintiff and defendant can shift based on who lost in lower court.
– The plaintiff then introduces the key issues and its analysis of those issues.
-The plaintiff give a short closing.

-One question will be “what is the holding of the case.” Both sides should be prepared to answer this key question – accurately and concisely. Any advocacy for your side is done at this point – just state clearly what the court decided and why it’s important.

Grading Comments:
Keep It Short – Only Important Items Covered. Students must determine the most important issue(s) and the necessary facts to illustrate the issue(s). I will reduce the grade for individuals that cover unimportant issues or non-relevant facts (especially if done in detail). Your job is to get to the essence of the case and explain that to the class in a manner the class can relate to.

Keep It Interesting. Cases are stories with a controversy and a conclusion. All the cases are either very important cases or otherwise highlight a key legal learning point. Many involve a large amount of money or an otherwise important business issue. A key to this exercise is to keep it short and fun (or at least as fun as possible). Understanding that these cases are real should help you, and the class, appreciate the issue and the case.

Know the Case – Know Why It’s Important. Know the case and the facts well. Do not read the case to the class – tell the story (although you can use notes to help you).

Distinguish Facts from Law. Make your arguments by applying the facts of the case to the law. Sometimes the law will be more on your side and Business Law 433 Syllabus Professor Johnson 3 you can focus more closely on the law. If the facts are more sympathetic to your side, focus on the facts. But in both instances, you must show how the facts and the law intersect.

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