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Business Theories

What are teams grouped by areas of expertise?

  1. Which of the following could cause an individual to avoid performing a required job task according to expectancy theory?
  2. What best describes the contingency approach, as it relates to organizational design?
  3. What is the definition of a team?
  4. According to the goal-setting theory, job performance goals should
  5. Company values are shared standards that employees use to
  6. Businesses often promote norms which are entrepreneurial or conservative in nature. Why?
  7. Formal events that recognize an employee or group that have benefited the company by their works are
  8. The motivational theory that tries to determine how much work is needed for a specific outcome is
  9. Organizational design is best defined as
  10. Which of the five sources of a leader’s power would be demonstrated by a leader with rightful authority to direct and control an employee’s activities?
  11. Which of the following best describes sources of a company’s culture?
  12. Employees quickly figure out and adopt the values and norms desired by their company. What is this process called?
  13. Managers can cause organizational dysfunction by doing which of the following?
  14. The Matrix Structure is a unique organizational structure that responds to rapid changing situations. Which of the following is a component of this structural design?


  1. A company who desires to develop new or improved products would fit best with what type of team?
  2. Employees will most often be motivated to initially fulfill basic needs rather than higher level needs. Which of the following satisfies a higher need?


  1. Being goal oriented has shown to be paramount to a person’s success. Why?
  2. Which of the following best describes a company that has established a professional culture?
  3. Maslow’s Need Theory is an hierarchal format that deals with ‘what’ is important to individuals.  Which of the following hierarchy most accurately reflects Maslow’s hierarchy?
  4. Which of the following in the best example of active listening?


  1. What form of business communication offers the lowest form of persuasive communication?
  2. What form of business communication offers the highest form of persuasive communication?
  3. What does the amount of conflict in an organization signal?
  4. What best describes company norms?
  5. Companies with a strong culture may hold meetings to announce the company’s achievements. Which source of company culture would best describe this activity?


  1. An organizational performance is increased with employees working in teams since
  2. Which of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is geared toward personal fulfillment?
  3. Which theory tries to explain the psychological factors underlying why an individual selects a task and exerts effort in performing a task?
  4. What work attitude would a leader promote to influence his or her worker?
  5. Which of the following best describes how the values of the company’s founder influence an organization?
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