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Business Manager or Analyst Questionnaire

Business Manager or Analyst Questionnaire

A.    Introduction

  • Discuss DW/BI project objectives and overall status.
  • Discuss interview goals (e.g., focus on business requirements, talk about what you do, what you want to be doing, and why) and flow.
  • Introduce interview team and roles and confirm time available.

B.    Responsibilities

  • Describe your organization and its relationship to the rest of the company.
  • What are your primary responsibilities?

C.     Business Objectives and Issues

  • What are the objectives of your organization? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your top priority business goals?
  • How do you know you’re doing well? What are your success metrics? How often do you monitor key success factors?
  • What are the key business issues you face today? What prevents you from meeting your business objectives? What’s the impact on the organization?
  • How do you identify problems/exceptions or know you’re headed for trouble?
  • Describe your products (or other key business dimension such as customer or vendor). How do you distinguish between products? Is there a natural way you categorize products? How would you narrow a list of thousands of products?
  • How often do these categorizations change? What should happen with your business analysis following a change?

D.    Analysis Requirements

  • What type of routine analysis do you currently perform? What data is used? How do you currently get the data? What do you do with the information once you get it?
  • What analysis would you like to perform? Are there potential improvements to your current method/process?
  • What type of on-the-fly, ad hoc analysis do you typically perform?
  • What do they do with the analysis? Do you have time to ask the follow-up questions?
  • Which reports do you currently use? What data on the report is important? How do you use the information? If the report were dynamic, what would the report do differently?
  • How much historical information is required?

E.     Wrap-up

  • Summarize findings heard.
  • What opportunities exist to dramatically improve your business based on improved access to information? What’s the financial impact?
  • What must this project accomplish to be deemed successful? Criteria should be measurable.
  • Thank participants.
  • Describe next steps (e.g., draft interview write-ups available within week) and upcoming opportunities for business involvement.



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