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Write a message that responds to each of the following scenarios (3 are letters and 2 are mails). Consider appropriate formats and use tact in each message. Make up any names/addresses; and feel free to integrate additional information that may enhance your message.


Assessment based on: application of formal elements; effective application of appropriate rhetoric and style; and mechanical proficiency.


Situation 1

You recently went on a three day business trip, booked through an airline operator that offers services for business trips; and during this trip you encountered several less than pleasant events which negatively affected your experience.

First, you arrived at the hotel late in the evening and wanted to get some rest because you had an early meeting the next day; however, just before going to bed you encounter a toilet in your room that is unable to flush. Rather than call the front desk to be moved or have someone fix it at that time (again it’s very late at night) you decide to deal with it overnight, and call the next morning. This is fixed the next morning after your call, however, you had to remove the toilet’s shelf to flush the toilet manually overnight. Secondly, you were told by the trip operator that the hotel had a moderately priced restaurant, but when you stop at the restaurant for breakfast the first morning you’re there, you see that the prices are considerably more than moderate. Consequently, you have to go across the street for breakfast each morning, rather than enjoy the convenience of staying inside the hotel building. Also, you were told by the operator that a nearby historical city (a busy place during the mid-1800s) is well worth visiting, since many of the original buildings are still standing and there are several activities for tourists there. On the second day of your trip, since you have some free time before that day’s meeting, you rent a car and drive the thirty minutes to get to the city, only to find that the city is a tourist trap; a number of buildings are closed to the public and most of the historical buildings require a large “donation” for admission, and you decide that the tour of the building is probably not worth that price, so you do not participate in any building tours. While you did have some nice experiences, these stand out in your mind.

Upon returning home you decide to write a letter to the trip operator (make up name and address information) regarding your dissatisfaction with the general experience. Remember to include as much details as possible.




Situation 2

Respond to the above letter.



Situation 3

At a recent meeting one of your colleagues tried to propose implementing a Just-In-Time inventory program at your company. While no decision was made at the meeting, you were concerned about the proposal. The program, it was stated, would increase efficiency by lowering inventory costs. The colleague presented much data demonstrating potential savings. However, a risk you saw in the program, that was not addressed, was that demand for the product was inconsistent over the fiscal year, and it could change from year to year. You also understand some other issues associated with JIT inventory programs, and you are concerned about being placed in a position where the shipper has the power one would have in that program.

Write an email message to this colleague (make up name) acknowledging your concerns and encouraging him/her to revise the proposal accordingly.



Situation 4

A former employee whom you supervised has written you a letter asking you to write a letter of recommendation for him/her. He/she states in this letter that the recommendation letter is needed in order for him/her to get into a certain academic program which would help advance his/her career. However, you recall that this person was frequently late to work, submitted paperwork late, misinterpreted several of your instructions, and seemed to be more concerned about his/her social life than about the job he/she was to perform.

Write a letter rejecting the request (make up name and address information).



Situation 5

For the past two months, you worked in a group of four (4) people on a particular task. One of the members of this group contributed significantly less to the group’s efforts than any of the others in the group. Others had to compensate for his/her lack of effort by doing more than they ought to have had to do, thereby causing some tension within the group. The outcome of the project was a considerable success, and each of the members of the group is to receive an award of appreciation, which includes a raise in salary, because of the group’s success.

Write an email message to your supervisor (make up name) acknowledging this tension and the apparent injustice. You may create any reasonable details.

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