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Business Communications

Business Communications

This project is intended to broaden your oral communication skills with a focus on your speech preparation and your analysis rather than the actual presentation itself.  Your presentation component will be included in your grade, but the majority of your grade will be based on your paper and the steps and thought process you took to develop your presentation, as well as your critique.  I would like you to place your focus on the processes that led you to the final product.

Module 20: Oral Presentations is an excellent module to use and refer to as you develop your presentation.   Be sure to read the module before you begin.  You should follow the format described in the text.

You should also refer to Module 8: Reader Benefits, as well as any other modules that you feel may help you while writing.


You will need to choose one of the following topics:

Time management

Working in Groups/Teams

Listening skills

Communicating effectively

Planning/Conducting effective meetings


Along with your research and opinions be sure to include how your topic can help to create a more effective work environment.

WRITTEN REQUIREMENTS:Within a four-page paper (WORD DOCUMENT ONLY) you will need to include the following about your preparation for this speech:

  1. How and why you chose your topic
  2. A brief summary of your topic (about 1 paragraph)
  3. Your main idea
  4. Description of your speech goals
  5. Detailed analysis of your audience.  You will be telling me who your audience is.  (Most likely, you will be creating an audience.)
  6. Description of how you used reader benefits
  7. Description of how you organized your speech and why
  8. Any specific suggestions you used from your text to make your speech effective
  9. Analysis and critique of your practice speech
  10. Analysis and critique of your final speech (Where did you improve?)
  1. You will be required to include a works cited page in addition to your 4 typed pages. This needs to include a minimum of 4 sources (one source can be your text). 

*All written components of the project must be submitted to the course as a word document, not emailed.

Please be sure to detail all of the above as much as you can.



Your speech should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length (this means no more than 5 minutes for your final speech.)**Be sure to not go over 5 minutes in length.** You should record both speeches; practice & final speech for your written speech comparison/critique, but you will only need to submit your final video clip.  Please be sure not to submit more than one video, only submit your final video clip. 

Your recording does not have to be perfect, the goal is to learn and improve from it.


Do the best that you can with the resources you have available.


An excellent option to create and submit your video successfully would be to use Video Everywhere.  This is a blackboard tool that is available in the lecture area of the course where you will be submitting your work.  This tool will allow you to record and save your video in the project submission area in the lecture area of the course. It is an icon that looks like this… I would encourage you to locate it ahead of time and try it for a practice run.Directions will be provided to help you use this tool.

If you have a YouTube account, and a web-cam on your computers, or you have a hand-held device that supports video recording which is also connected to your computer via USB, you can directly embed your video clips into the Blackboartextbox of the project submission area. This is located in the Project folder in the lecture area of the course.Be sure to set your privacy settings. You can choose “Unlisted” if you are going to submit a link for me to view your video in the project submission area. If asked to title your video you can use your name and section number.All projects need to be submitted to the course, not emailed.

If you do not have access to resources to record your video, you may want to check in with our library to see what is available or with your own public library.  There are IPads available to sign out for use in the library.  You can choose to mail a cd or flash drive to me if you have trouble submitting your video to the course.


You may also decide to make use of Hudson Valley’s technical services if you are unable to provide your own.  If you will be using these services, you must follow these guidelines:


Please schedule as early as possible for best availability.  You should plan to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance of the due date in order to be accommodated by the studio.


This semester you can call Eric Kiel at Viking Video Technologies at 629-7625 to schedule a studio recording appointment.

You will need to provide a flash drive to save your video to.

NOTE:  The studio is there to help you in the recording of your project.  They are not responsible for your project.  It is up to you to submit the project to the course, which works best via a You Tube link.

This is a great learning experience.  The goal is, in some way, to improve one or more of your communication skills.Please email me directly with any questions.  Have fun and let me know if I can help! 

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