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Business and Management

Reflective Report
1. What did you learn?orwhat did you learn that surprised you?
2. How can you use what you have learnedto help yourorganization?
Example :
What did you learn? or what did you learn that surprised you?
During this unit, I learnt that marketing should be focused on evaluating consumer behavior and purchases that should not only be limited to physical goods but also services. As goods and services move through the production to consumption chain, the benefits they may accrue to consumers may either be tangible for services and intangible for physical goods and hence the need to evaluate consumer behavior since in most instances, they may prefer to buy more on the service with less demand on the physical good.
What I have also learnt is that consumers play an integral role in sustaining the service given to them and hence may considered an important entity in the production line. This is because they are involved in evaluation of the service extended to them which would otherwise be nonexistent or exist to a small extent where physical goods are involved. It is therefore important that the focus should be directed towards the consumers and their evaluation put into consideration.

How can you use what you have learned to help your organization?
(notice here, he shows his role and department in the organization and apply what he learnt to help the organization and showing the results and benefits from applying this concept)
I believe that this concept would be beneficial to my employer and particularly the department of “Aeronautical Information Services” of which I belong to in provision of services with longlasting benefits. This could be achieved through value creation beyond consumption, maximizing on service flows and reducing inventory for services that are before schedule. Some of our service products such as NOTAM, AIP-SUPP and AIC could be enhanced in terms of usage and lifetime quality that would accrue benefits to the company and while taking into consideration consumer input, we would be maximizing on their involvement in value creation. Of importance is sustaining these long term benefits especially as derived from services which unlike tangible products are rarely perishable.

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