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Building Shared Services at RR Communications Case Study

What do you think about Patton’s firing of the DIOs?
There are two parts to this discussion that need to be explored.First, was there no possible way of getting the DIOs onside? Second, was it appropriate to fire the DIOs publically as opposed to privately?
Also, examine the DIO firings from the point of view of the four divisional presidents.See organization chart (see attached Appendix B) which shows Patton’s office and the DIOs in green to highlight these reporting relationships.
Do you think the DIOs have a dotted line relationship with their divisional presidents and a dotted line to Patton; or is it the other way round?
How do you think the divisional Presidents will feel about Patton’s firings?
Would they feel as if Patton just fired “their” employee? It doesn’t appear that they were made aware of these impending firings by Patton.
How would they feel about that?

Discussion Question:

Answer the five(5) discussion questions listed below (can also be found at the end of case study in book)

List the advantages of a single customer service center for RR Communications.There are six of them.
Devise an implementation strategy that would guarantee the support of the divisional presidents for the shared customer service center.
Is it possible to achieve an enterprise vision with a decentralized IT function?
What business and IT problems can be caused by lack of common information and an enterprise IM strategy?
What governance mechanisms need to be put in place to ensure common customer data and a shared customer service center? What metrics might be useful?
All answers to the questions should be well written and well thought out. Please submit the aforementioned assignment as ONE document.To help keep the various reporting and relationship roles straight, I have attached the organization chart.

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