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Avoid Alcohol Abuse While in College

How to Successfully deal with Alcohol Abuse While in College

According to statistics, four out of five students in college have consumed alcohol at some point in their college life. Fifty percent of those have ended up becoming victims of alcohol abuse. Although some students begin drinking way before they join College, this habit intensifies after they do.

This is because they meet new peers who give them a new perspective about alcohol. Another reason is their parents are not there to watch them compared to when they were in high school.


Other factors that promote alcohol abuse while in college

  1. The widespread availability of alcoholic drinks in college or areas surrounding the college. Investors know that college students love drinking, and they have set up bars and alcohol shops around areas populated by students. This makes alcohol readily available to the students.
  2. There are more opportunities to attend social gatherings, which promote alcohol abuse. Such meetings include birthday parties, house parties, concerts, and festivals.
  3. The Higher amount of unstructured time for college students compared to working adults. You can agree with me that most college students have so much time in their hands, and it can get boring sometimes especially during the weekends. If a friend hits you up with a “hey I have a birthday party with lots of booze” text, you will jump on that plan in a minute.


Why is binge drinking a cause of alcohol abuse?

As a college student, you will agree that most students tend to have more episodes of binge drinking than working class people or those in a higher rank of education. Binge drinking is where the students go on a drinking spree that makes the alcohol level in your blood go high. Mostly this is a result of peer pressure from your mates who make you overindulge in alcohol.


Consequences of alcohol abuse to students

Do not get this wrong, drinking in college is not a bad thing; you are of age to do it as no one can restrict you. The problem is when you start experiencing the effects that come with drinking too much.

There is a probability that you have experienced these effects first hand but ignored. Wait, maybe you are yet to feel these effects. These effects include:


  1. Getting pregnant or contracting sexually transmitted diseases

This sounds scary right. Imagine getting pregnant or contracting the HIV while in campus? What would you tell your folks?

Alcohol abuse exposes you to all the above, and it is wise to be moderate when consuming alcohol. Whether the sexual activity is intentional or not having it exposes you to the virus or to the risk of getting early pregnancies. This will not only affect your parents, but it will be a big blow to your academics.

In case you get pregnant, you will have to call off some few semesters to give birth and take care of your kids. Contracting an STI can have effects such as low self-esteem that may affect your studies.


  1. Poor performances in class

If you have ever abused alcohol at some point in life, you will agree that hangovers and headaches cannot let you do anything. You will be forced to skip classes to nurse your hangovers. If this happens frequently, you will start having low grades and other academic problems.

This will force you to spend much money retaking the units that you have failed; you might even find yourself changing majors due to low grades.


  1. Addiction

Too much of alcohol can get you addicted. Although being addicted to alcohol is a result of many years of drinking, the many episodes of alcohol abuse while in college may lead to addictions. To know how bad this is, just imagine the amount of money you spend every day on alcohol.

Also, try to figure out how much your parents will spend on a rehab center trying to help you get through the addiction.

Despite causing addiction, alcohol abuse is guilty of other health related issues such as liver problems, high blood pressure, ulcers and much more.


  1. Having an injury

Alcohol abuse can result in you getting an injury either during drinking or after. This is a result of falling, hitting a wall or an object or even from fights. The injuries can range from minor to extreme depending on the level of drunkenness you are in.

Some of these alcohol-related injuries could be bad to a point of causing death. If you are not careful, continued internal injuries due to alcohol abuse may be the cause of your premature death.


  1. Alcohol abuse exposes you to being a victim of sexual abuse

You have heard the term “blackout” while in college. This is where someone gets drunk to a point he or she cannot control themselves. During these periods, it is easy for rapists to take advantage of you especially when no one is watching out for you.

There have been many cases of college students who are raped at parties because they over-drunk. This is not a good thing because it exposes you to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies.


  1. Alcohol abuse can make you commit crimes that you can ignore when you are sober

When you are wasted, you lose your right sense of reason, your blood is boiling, and at this state, you are more likely to commit a crime. Examples of the crimes you are likely to commit include, vandalism, over speeding and driving under the influence or damaging properties.

Even if you are not caught for driving under the influence, it is not good since you can cause an accident and get injured; you can be killed too. If you are caught, you risk losing your license and spending a few nights in jail. If you are a victim of this, there is a high chance that you would not do it if you were sober.


  1. You might develop suicidal thoughts

Alcohol abuse contributes to depression, anxiety, and mental instabilities, which are leading causes of suicide. According to research done recently, alcohol is a significant contribution to many suicidal acts in colleges among many college students.

In conclusion, the above consequences are a reason you should stop abusing alcohol. The benefits are less than the gains. If you have to, just drink in moderation and your drinking experience will be okay.

Please read about drug addiction in college students here.

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