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Article review: How to Structure it

How to structure an article review

Article reviews form an important aspect of the personal study.  Some colleges and universities also set the as evaluation and assessment tasks. It is for this reason that article review structuring becomes a primary skill that every student should have. The complexity of the reviews will vary, as will the size. However, it is important to note that the intended audience for the article review is a professional in the subject field and that they are interested in observing the logical assessment of the ideas and argument presented in the article.

To produce good and relevant article reviews, the author should note the important points and use them as a base for forming a stable logical analysis. The writer should first set out to identify the objectives of the journal. It is critical in ensuring that the initial relevance of the essay is not flawed. The theoretical framework and or assumptions should be noted, as well as the central concepts and argument. The steps to be followed in the article review process include:

Familiarizing with the article

Before starting the article review process, the writer should first read and understand the article itself. Reading the article helps the writer identify the following vital points.

-Intended audience

-The objectives of the article, whether it is a summary of a topic research, or to build a thesis based on previous studies.

Constructing an article review outline

During the article reading process, the author takes notes of the highlights. These notes are important in selecting a central thesis statement for the article review. The original article writer intentions and objectives should get considered at this point, as well as the reviewer’s views on whether the article fulfilled these intentions. It is at this stage that the review writer should be careful to eliminate all points that are not relevant to the thesis. The remaining points should get arranged in descriptive groups, such as subject, structure or argument. The author of the article review should then come up with a clear and coherent way of presenting these ideas and points while taking care to ensure their relevance to the thesis statement.

Preparing the first draft

The first step in writing article reviews draft is making a complete citation of the original article. It should be noted here that the author should use a proper bibliographic citation using one of the standard citation styles. The contents of the first draft should be split into paragraphs. The first paragraph should ideally contain an introduction to the thesis statement, the objectives of the article review and other introductory information.

The second paragraph should be comprised of the article review body. It is in this part of the article review that the author states the supportive arguments to the thesis, constructing a relevant flow of ideas complete with quotations from the original article.

The article review conclusion should be a summary of the review, and can also restate the writer’s thesis. It is imperative that the writer does a revision of the first draft, to ensure its impeccable quality. Using this guide on how to structure an article review should result in high-quality reviews.

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