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Argumentative Essay based on Death of a Salesman

• READ Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller (pp. 1764-1831 in Drama).
Write an essay of 700 words that presents a cohesive argument that compares and/or contrasts Oedipus the King and Death of a Salesman as examples of dramatic tragedy. You must incorporate support from at least two weighty and credible academic secondary sources to back up your argument.
• It’s up to you to determine what approach you will take to this task—you can focus on the concept of what tragedy is and how each fits that concept, you can focus on similarities and
differences between characters, etc.
• Whatever approach you take, your job is to identify points of similarity and difference and explain how they are significant to the meanings of the plays overall. Try to answer the question of what the reader gets out of looking at these plays together.
• A sample thesis statement (that you now cannot use) is “Sophocles and Miller provide very different situations, but their focus on characters in search of identities illustrates a fundamental similarity in their view of tragedy as a depiction of individuals defining their roles in society.” Notice how that sentence points to both similarities and differences, giving the reader the sense that the writer has considered the plays carefully.
• Remember that tragedy is a specific dramatic genre with certain conventions, and that you are not just talking about how the plays are “tragic” in an everyday-speech sense.
• On the works cited page explain how each source helped with the essay

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