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Architecture Project: Opportunities for learning

Architecture Project: Opportunities for learning

In this section, I will reflect on the findings of the research done on the history and status of St Albans town as well as the profiles of the three architects Price, Jasper and Zaha Hadid. The aim is to note some of the findings of the studies that present some learning opportunities for modern architects. While the profiles of the three architects are the most important areas that present the best opportunities for me to learn, I also find the history of St. Albans Town important for me to learn, especially in terms of the arts and architectural designs in some of its prominent buildings. Thus, this section revisits all the three areas of research described in the three sections above.

First, the history of St. Albans is not only long, but also inspiring to any architect who wants to learn the history of architecture. The name of the city itself indicates that Christian influence in the city is prominent, which further suggests that most of the architectural designs and arts used in establishing most of the early buildings are based on Christian influence. As a student of architecture, I believe that studying the architectural design in the town should take a special focus on this factor. In fact, history indicates that the prominent buildings in the city were the three churches namely: St Michaels, St Stephens and St. Peters churches (Lambert 2011). These churches were a symbol of religious and political independence of St Albany’s from the Abbey Gateway and Clock Tower cities. This indicates that both the artistic styles and architectural designs in the city’s main buildings were based on the religion.

Secondly, it is worth appreciating that the modern architectural and artistic designs in the town are influenced by the activities of the city in the 20th century. From the research, I find that cinematography and entertainment have influenced the designs and artistic styles of the city in the recent past. For example, the establishments of the Odeon Cinema in the early 20th century suggest that the city turned from religious aspects to more secular and modernized activities than in the past. In this case, I find it important to study architecture and artistic designs based on the current and past status of the city and its buildings.

From this history, I find some opportunities to learn and appreciate the status of the town, especially in terms of the artistic styles and architectural designs used to establish most of the major buildings. For example, it is important for architectural students to appreciate the fact that the town’s arts and architectures are primarily a product of the past events such as the religious influence of the early times and the recent activities such as cinematography and entertainment.
Given that the proposed project involves reusing of one of the old buildings in the two of Albany, it is important to consider and determine the techniques that I will use to complete the project. As such, I find it important to study the profiles of some of the modern architects with an aim of appreciating the use of the modern techniques and methods to develop quality and appreciable products. Therefore, the profiles of the three architects present some important learning opportunities for modern students of architecture.

To begin with, the profile of Elizabeth Price presents an important opportunity of learning, especially in terms of appreciating the techniques applied in contemporary moving image and installation in architecture. I find it important to note that despite her age, Price has intensively used modern high-definition video and digital technologies to produce high quality products. For instance, she advocates for the use of 3D technology and immersive video installations such as digital image, music and text through high-definition digital video with live actions, motion and 3D animations (Harvey 2013). In fact, I find it important for modern artists and architects to learn from and emulate Mrs. Price in that much of her work is based on high-definition digital technologies in inventing new and apocalyptic videos and narratives. Creativity and innovation seems to be the major aspects that have made Price a successfully career person in arts and design. Her creativity is not only based on her ability to appreciate and apply modern technologies, but also her focus on historical aspects of the artistic styles in England. For instance, I find it important for artists to learn and appreciate historical films, physical artifacts and photographical views recorded over the time and use them in making new designs using the modern technologies (CBC News 2012). Price is an example of modern artists whose creativities are based on using modern technologies to redesign and recreate new designs based on old ones. I find it important to apply this technique in my project of reusing an old building in St. Albany, England. From her work, I learn that I can use the history of the buildings, especially in terms of religious influence, to develop 3D animations and motion graphics in redesigning the building to fit the modern context. These technologies will help me reuse the building to come up with a quality and high appreciable architectural and artistic product.

Similarly, I get a lot of motivation from Jasper Just. In his work, Jasper applies technology to produce art films, videos and documentaries based on fiction as well as natural scenery, social codes and storylines (Hammer 2006). His ability to study movies, films as well as natural scenery allows him to produce artistic works based on human understanding of nature and imaginations. In addition, Jasper appreciates early architectural designs as part of the natural scenery that helps him produce his art designs. For instance, he collaborates with architectural firms to develop interior architectural designs and videos. I will borrow his ideas in developing new architectural and artistic designs for the building I want to reuse in St. Albany. Moreover, Jasper pays a lot of attention to aesthetic value of scenes, films and objects. In my new design for the old building, I want to focus on aesthetic value of the artistic and architectural designs inside and outside the building in order to ensure that it appreciable by the viewers as well as those using the facility. Jasper’s style will play an important role in my project. In fact, I will attempt to similar styles and technologies to come up with a good designs for the reused building in St. Albany.

Moreover, Jasper appreciates contemporary art in his work. In fact, he focuses on video films based on contemporary art, which makes it possible to redesign old objects and ensure that they fit the modern arts and artistic styles. I realize that modern artwork can be used to reuse old objects, including designs for old buildings in order to ensure that they fit the modern times as well as become useful for modern activities, including religious functions, galleries and entertainment.

The work of Zaha Hadid is perhaps the most important and relevant source of inspiration for my project. I realize that like my project, most of her work revolves around redesigning old buildings using a combination of urbanism, designs and architecture. She intensively applies a number of techniques to achieve her objectives. For instance, she focuses on developing dynamic formal qualities such as curving shapes, sinuously and crystallized strata in designing new buildings. I admire this creativity and want to use it in redesigning and reusing the old building in St. Albany. Like her work, my project is based on urban design for a new building to be obtained out of redesigning and reusing an old building. As much as I want to retain the old architectural styles in the project, it is important to note that some of the old styles will have to be replaced by new and modern styles. Hadid’s work and techniques will allow me achieve this goal because it emphasizes on shapes and crystallized strata. For instance, her idea of combining art with geology, architecture and landscape is an important aspect in my project. This is particularly because I want to redesign the old building such that it fits the modern landscape at St. Albany and at the same time improve its artistic style, aesthetic value and fit the in urban landscape, which has changed significantly, since the building was established several years ago.
Like Jasper and Price, Hadid appreciates the importance of applying modern technologies such as digital drawing to enhance the outcomes of designs for traditional buildings, which allow them fit into the modern landscapes. I realize that these technologies improve the traditional designs but retain the old architectural styles. This is an important aspect of my project because it involves an old building to be redesigned and reused.

Moreover, Hadid appreciates the history of the landscape and objects she is redesigning (Foundations 2013). This allows one to conserve as much details as possible and in turn, conserve our human and natural history. In redesigning the old building, this is an important factor that I will consider because as much as we want to come up with new and modernized products, it is important to note that the future generations will also want to find historical objects as intact as possible in their original forms.

In conclusion, my project will be inspired by the works of some of the most popular and successful individuals in art and architecture. I want to borrow their ideas of developing quality, high resolution and effective artistic techniques in redesigning and reusing the old building. From the history of the city, I realize that some of the historical issues to be considered include the historical aspects such as the objects and designs that retell the religious and cultural aspects of the city. In addition, the profiles and works of the three individuals influence my project significantly because they emphasize on the use of modern technologies to produce good artistic and architectural designs that appear modern, yet they help the designer to retain some of the traditional aspects of the object. I will use these technologies and ideas in redesigning and reusing the old building in order to make it look modern but retain some of the historical aspects of the building and the city in general.

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