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Applied Statistics

Applied Statistics

Your assignment consists of answering the following questions (number your answers). Please write your answers in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf document. Once complete, you will click the submission link below to submit your work. The submission link will become available once the unit you signed up for becomes available.

1.Provide an APA 6 style reference of the article you have selected (including double spaced, hanging indent).
2.What problem(s) or question(s) does this research address?

3.What is the overall hypothesis for this study?
4.What are the main variables of interest in this research?

5.Are any variables simply used as control variables? If so, which ones?
6.Briefly describe how the main variables in the study are defined and operationalized.

7.For each variable described in question 6, describe what values each variable could take on (ex. Gender was measured as: male/female, Happiness was measured on a scale of 1 – 10 where 10 = most happy, etc.).
8.For each variable described in question 6, indicate the level of measurement. Choose from (1) Nominal, (2) Ordinal, (3) Interval/Ratio.
9.What is the population of interest (this is different from the sample!!!)?

10.Describe the make-up of the sample (age, ethnicity, gender, etc.)
11.What kind of sampling appears to have been used – probability or nonprobability sampling?

12.What specific type of sampling was used? Choose from: Convenience/Voluntary Sample, Simple Random Sample, Cluster Sample, Stratified Sample, or Systematic Selection.
13.Briefly describe the methods used to conduct this study.

14.Describe how the data was analyzed. What technique(s) was/were used (briefly list all analysis methods used)
15.Now focus on the statistical method and the resulting statistics in the article that correspond to the analysis method/topic you signed up for(Contingency tables).
What steps did the author(s) take in analyzing the data? As you describe data analysis, try to show me that you have a basic understanding of these methods

16.Describe the main findings of this research

17. Let’s look at how the author(s) presented ONE sample finding from the article (this should relate to the statistical method/topic you signed up for). You will do this by providing the two quotes described below. Ultimately, you are trying to find a sample that could help other students learn how to present and interpret the selected statistic/topic in an academic article. Use quotation marks followed by APA 6 in-text citations, with author, year, and page number, to properly indicate the source of these words.
A. Provide me with a quote that shows how the author(s) reported the statistic of focus. This quote should include a specific statistical value, and will likely also include values such as df and p. THIS QUOTE WILL COME FROM THE RESULTS SECTION OF THE PAPER and will likely consist of only 1 or 2 sentences.
B. Provide me with a quote that shows how the author interpreted the same statistic in a real-world way (likely, no specific statistical value is included in this quote). THIS QUOTE WILL COME FROM THE DISCUSSION OR CONCLUSION SECTION OF THE PAPER and will likely consist of 2 to 3 sentences.

18.How did the results compare with the original hypothesis?

19.Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share related to this activity

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