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Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review

Research topic : Free Trade and Democratic Peace.

Tested Hypothesis- Free Trade brings Democratic peace (World Peace)

Please find independent and dependent variables for this approach.

Select six sources relevant to your research question. At the top of the assignment, please include the research question in its most current form.

For each source in no more than three or four sentences, briefly describe the research question, the methods that the authors use to answer it,(case study, survey, statistical analysis, etc and their results. All sources must be from scholarly work and should primarily be journal articles or academic books. Sources may include a maximum of one conference paper/working paper. Include also the full bibliographic information using APA format.

To begin the assignment by focusing on articles that address to the testable research question. ( could be Free trade causes world peace or democratic peace).

Each article should relate to the main dependent variable outcome of interest. Also think about possible independent variables that lead to this outcome. Some of articles for this assignment may focus on those independent variables rather than the research question. OFten the articles will discuss a range of IVs rather than just one.

For the lit review, there should be three possible hypothesis that help to explain one dependent variable. In general, try avoiding articles that focus on the main independant variable of interest correlated with a completely different dependent variable. as the goal is to understand some of the factors that lead to a particular outcome.

This assignent will form the bassi for the literature review. The literature review (8 pages) will be a discussion of each source but more expansive.

Key points: All sources are relevant to the research question
All sources are scholarly
For each source it clearly describes the research question, method and clearly summarizes the results.
APA format used correctly.

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