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Annotated Bibliographies

What are Annotated Bibliographies?

Annotated bibliographies are lists of materials that a scholar intends to cite in writing academic papers. Before students are allowed start doing research papers, tutors gauge the understanding such students have on specified topics. The materials could be books, articles, or documentaries. Annotated bibliographies help the researcher to know the accuracy, relevance and the quality of the materials that they are going to base their study or research on. Each annotation should be around 150 words long.

What process should a student use to get the best annotated bibliographies?

The scholar should locate and record, in the format that is specified by their supervisors, the academic materials that best capture the topic in question. After identifying the appropriate materials, the scholar should then evaluate each material.
When writing the annotated bibliographies, be sure to capture the central theme of the book, article or journal at hand. The final paper should evaluate, authoritatively, the academic wealth that the author has put in the material. The annotated bibliographies should also comment on the appropriateness of the information to the intended audience. The scholar should also compare and contrast the work at hand to what other books they intend to use in writing the annotated bibliography. Finally, the scholar should justify why the chosen work is important in the work that they want to do.

How many Sources should be included?

An annotated Bibliography can have as many sources as possible depending on the nature of the research that they project to do. It could be a basis of writing a term paper or even a thesis. When students are requested to write an annotated bibliography, they are simply being prepared to select and evaluate materials that they will use for future research. At Whizz Academics, we help students tackle their presumably hard annotated bibliographies.

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