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Anatomy and Physiology Report Writing

You can get your college assignment help in Anatomy and Physiology

Here is an example!

The reports should include:

1. The most important parts of the report are the following:
1. A brief explanation of the thy typical/healthy anatomy and/or physiology for the affected system/organ (do not skip past this – show us what you learned in class)
2. Then explain what the disorder is and how it changes healthy form (anatomy) and/or function (physiology). In other words, what is not normal that causes the symtoms/problems for the disorder?
3. You only need to discuss the normal anatomy of the part that is abnormal. Do not list all the anatomical structures of the organ/organ system. If anatomy is not changed you may not need to go into it unless needed to describe physiology.
4. You only need to discuss the normal function (physiology) that is changed in the disorder. Do not list every function of the organ/organ system
2. A detailed explanation of the cause/causes of the disorder (how the patient contracts the disease…is it genetic, contagious, parasitic etc.). If the cause is unknown, then explain some of the theories researchers/clinicians have for how it is caused.

3. Describe the symptoms the patient may experience. Do not read a list of symptoms, tell us about them & try to relate the symptoms to the change in anatomy/physiology caused by the abnormality if possible. If it is genetic, how is the defective gene creating the disorder & leading to its symptoms etc. (what is the defective protein that is causing the problem).

4. The clinical management or treatment for the disorder.

You should create a PowerPoint presentation. Do not put too many words on the slides, but you may want to include interesting pictures or diagrams you find relating to the disorder that will help in its explanation. (If you have a PowerPoint with pictures, people look at it instead of you!!! )

You must include a typed summary of the report to be turned into your instructor. The summary should include each of the 4 items above and your sources!

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