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African Ethnic Groups

Ethnic groups are classification of people that have the same social, national and ancestral experience.  Ethnicity is mainly a hereditary status this is because the groups are defined by a shared origin, history, language, cultural heritage, homeland and physical appearance. Ethnic groups, originated from a similar historical founder population speak related languages and have similar gene pool.

Themes to be Included:

1)      African Ethnic Groups:

  • Name some of the groups we come from
  • Explain how these groups were put against each other using

the three D’s (Distrust, Dislike, Discord)


2)     Middle Passage

  • Explain what this heinous crime against humanity consisted of, use plenty of references to cite your sources


3)     Auction Block

  • Describe what this evil environment consisted of and what impact was produced on the psyches of those who both witnessed and were subjected to it


4)     The Plantation

  • This should be the main portion of the essay
  • for Caucasians – economic incubator of wealth and political power; for Africans – a psychological and cultural dumbing down center (psychological processing center for the creations of ‘negroes’. It dehumanizes Africans and downgrades them to their ‘proper place’ in society as self-hating dependents)
  • how is BRUTALITY used on the Plantation
  • psychological violence vs. physical violence
  • being enslaved as opposed to be ‘a slave’
  • Emasculation of Men
  • Castration of Men
  • Objectification of Women
  • How are TASK ORIENTATION and TASK SPECIFICATION used to privilege some on the plantation as opposed to others – explain in detail
  • How are PHENOTYPE and GENOTYPE used to create distinctions and privilege on the plantation – mention how this tactic is continued by the structure of white supremacy which exists in this country today
  • What is the product of the PLANTATION, and where is the PLANTATION today?

5)     Conclusion – include an insightful summary of your essay, and provide what impact this information has on you or what it means to you

6)     Works Cited page necessary


7)     Chicago Style formatting necessary


8)    Quotations and citations of all information which is not YOUR OWN



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