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Academic Writing Help

6 Reasons Why You May Need Academic Writing Help

When you feel not so confident with the academic task ahead of you, it doesn’t harm looking out for assistance or guidance. It is academically healthy. Is academic writing help a solution?

Writing is complicated for both native and non-native English speakers. There is a lot that goes into it. Crafting a winning essay, thesis proposal or a high quality dissertation takes time, efforts and loads of research.

However, if the idea of writing your academic assignment scares you enough, you need to look out for assistance. There are various ways you can get academic writing help.

Now, what are the reasons that force students to look out for assistance?

  • Difficulty coming up with a suitable thesis statement


When it comes to doing a dissertation or a PhD thesis, formulating suitable thesis is one of the toughest and most critical academic mysteries a student has to unravel.


A thesis statement states the purpose of your research. And you need to follow the laid down guidelines to enable you craft a perfect one.


You need to make it high quality and debatable because it has to attract opposing opinions. Not just anything that is easily accepted across the board.


Now, that is the bait that most students fall for. Many students will be happy with something like “Exposure to radioactive waste may trigger the growth of cancerous cells in human beings.”


That’s fairly acceptable. In fact, no one can oppose the statement. Something likes “Human beings pose more harm to natural ecosystems – both the fauna and flora- than when such systems are exposed to intense radioactive radiation.”


Now, that’s highly debatable. There a lot the writer will have to do to convince the readers or the thesis committee. That’s where academic writing help services providers may come in.


  • Writing relevant literature


Academic writing needs to look and sound scholarly. That means all claims by the author must be backed by reliable scientific sources.


Also, that means the writer has to review various literatures in the field of study before coming up with a comprehensive analysis of the material that relate to the study.


Students have to do around 10 to 20 pages of literature review.


Now, this section is meant specifically for showing the student’s analytical skills. In this section of your thesis, you need to provide evidence to support the arguments that you put forward.


But students always get it wrong and that’s why they need academic writing help. They often use too many direct quotes, express their own opinions or write short summaries of the reviewed articles – which should not be the case.


  • Finding the right data for the project


Your analysis and conclusions are based on the data you have collected.  Trouble happens when the students can’t find relevant data they can use to support their arguments in the project.


For example, if you are doing qualitative analysis, coming up with the right sample size to improve the accuracy of the study is difficult for most students. Students need advice and guidance while coming up with sample sizes.


  • Poor planning on the student’s side


Students are always given enough time to write their academic assignments.  But, they always fail to plan their time well. Naturally, students love procrastination. So they will keep pushing over the tasks on and on until the last minute when they approach the deadline for submitting a research proposal, an essay or term paper.


Then hell breaks loose. And that’s when they get on with crazy consultations for academic writing help.


Reason? Failure to have a clearly written to-do-list that includes start and completion dates for each task you have to undertake.


  • Finding the writer’s voice


Writing is a complex.  Every writer has their voice, a skill that most students take time to develop. Academic writing is not like the common journalistic writing where you write to attract readership and appeal to the emotions of the readers.


Academic writes takes a more academic perspective. It is written to educate, to stir debate and pass new knowledge in flat and clearly articulated arguments.


  • Difficulty in navigating grammar hurdles


Then there are grammar issues.  As more students seek higher education in foreign universities, they are forced to take their course in new languages. As such, they may have to deal with new language shocks. They need to expand their vocabulary and fine tune their grammar.


You see, academic writing is about presenting your arguments with as much clarity as possible.  It’s true that students will be exposed to majority of grammatical structures in English before they get to write their first papers.


But, there is still much to learn and students usually find themselves fumbling with words or poorly presenting their arguments.

Where can you get quality academic writing help?

Success in academic circles is a measure one’s true ingenuity. Whether you are doing it yourself or you know a better way of solving your academic issues, that’s okay.

There are various ways you can get this much needed assistance.

You can try your teacher or instructor. Your teacher will be of much help especially when it comes to clarifying something about the assignment. The only challenge is that the teacher may not always be available for help. Again some students are not confident enough to ask their teachers their most pressing question.

You can use your friends. But friends may not be available all the time.

Your safest bet in this case is to go “online”. We would advise that you look for trustworthy working academic writing help services and outsource your writing tasks there.

It doesn’t matter your level of higher education. You will always be bombarded with lots of academic work to do. In fact most of the assignments  you will be required to do – whether during your Bachelors,  Masters or PhD studies  will to some extend be related to academic writing.

Is academic writing tearing you apart?   Then you might need to consider looking out for academic writing help.

While there are various online writing companies, going for only the best will save you from lots of “ah” moments later on.  Consult a reputable provider that has a professional team of specialized academic writers ready to undertake any homework assignment you may have.

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Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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