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Can I Write my College Paper with Wikipedia?

Can I write my essay with Wikipedia?

All over the world, learning institutions do not allow students to use Wikipedia as a source in academic essay writing. One of the most common reasons is the fact that Wikipedia is a free Library that can be edited from any end. This means that a large percentage of the information found there is not cited. Some of that information has not been subjected to empirical testing as well. We can therefore ask,”Should I write my essay with Wikipedia?” Indeed, Wikipedia is one of the richest sources of information in the online world! If a student is tasked with an essay writing duty of any nature, they should first understand the topic well before penning the first word! Where do you get the background information conveniently and easily? Wikipedia!

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We advice students to use Wikipedia carefully!

When you extract information from Wikipedia, always ensure that you open the links that are provided because they direct you to other sources that the authors referred from. This helps you to have a footing in writing a good essay. In case the subject has some statistical data, Wikipedia gives links to the original sources and at times, gives you other comparative studies in that area. This allows you to have a fundamental footing and ground for starting your research.

Another advantage of depending on Wikipedia is the issue of Keywords. In case you are researching on a topic that your lecturer needs to have a certain keyword density or alternative words, Wikipedia is rich in such words. It gives alternative words that help you to avoid overuse of some but you will be able to retain the meaning of each paragraph when doing essay writing.

Wikipedia gives you the social, political, historical and even scientific background of issues discussed in articles found there. This gives the student a chance to have a better understanding and conceptualization of issues. Therefore, it uplifts the quality of your essay. There is nothing that inspires teachers and lecturers like knowing that their students have an in-depth knowledge in a given topic. It makes them know that you did enough research, therefore, deserving good grades.

Many articles on Wikipedia contain quotes from prominent people who at times are considered academic authorities. This makes your paper to gain credibility and become authoritative. This makes lecturers award you better marks.

To sum up the article, when you write your academic essays, it is always important to use all available resources. Use all the links that have been provided. Refer to other studies in the field. Before you start academic essay writing projects, try as much as possible to seek what founding fathers said about the topic. Seek the challenges and criticisms they received. Seek the growth of the topic within time. Do not forget that citing a Wikipedia article in your college research papersĀ is punishable as it lacks academic authority. In other words, use Wikipedia sparingly to find direction on a given topic.

Always tell yourself, “I should never write my essay with Wikipedia as a source.” Wikipedia should only help you in locating relevant academic sources and ideas.

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