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Business report formatting Please include an Abstract( not counted in the word limit)

Assessment task 2: Case study
Details of task:The assignment will require you to approach a set case study from three different theoretical perspectives.
Word limit:3000 words

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To demonstrate your understanding of the application of casework theories in social and community welfare practice situations.
From the information provided in the scenario below, draw an ecosystems map and use the concepts and principles of ecosystems theory to begin to
explore what factors may be impacting on this family. Select two other casework theories and demonstrate how they will contribute to your understanding of and possible approach to working with this family. Using all three (3) theories construct a case plan to discuss with this family addressing the issues confronting them.

Important Note:
A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references is required for this assignment (less than 10 years old).

Case study
You are a social and community welfare worker in a community health service agency. You arrive at work to find Sarah waiting for you with her two youngest children, Melanie (3) and Jack (5). The two older children Amy (10) and Reece (8) are at school. Sara h is distressed telling you that she has left Craig, her de-facto of 12 years, again. She says he became enraged because she stayed out at the local hotel last night until 11.00 pm with two girlfriends. She says he shouted and threw things around the house terrifying her and the children. She says that although she is afraid she still loves Craig.

Sarah also relates that the local police have attended their home twice in the past month and have encouraged her to seek an Intervention Order against Craig. She says that she does not want to do this, as it will break up their family. The Police have also referred Sarah to the domestic violence service for support, but the nearest service is 60 km away and there is no public transport that fits in with the children’s school hours. Sarah says she tries hard to make sure the kids are in bed and quiet, and that there is a hot meal ready when he arrives home from work but that recently she has been tired and unwell. In addition the older boy has been
getting into trouble at school and she has been called to come and see the principal twice this month because they say Reece has been bullying other children. Sarah says Amy is no trouble at all. She says she is quiet and obedient and goes to her room every evening after tea.

Sarah does not know what to do, as she has no family in the area to offer her support or somewhere to stay for a while. Sarah is convinced that things will be better when she feels well and able to manage the children. She has no money to go to the doctor and there is no bulk billing at her local surgery. Sarah thinks that Craig is afraid that when his current job finishes, he will not be offered another contract working as an electrician with a local builder. She says he is preoccupied and stressed, drinking more than usual and short-tempered with everyone. She says he is worried sick that they will fall behind with the mortgage and lose their home. Sarah
says she is worried about losing Craig, but cannot continue this way.

Important assignment hints

REMEMBER: It is not your role to ‘solve’ this family’s problems. Your task is to use three (3) casework theories to: firstly, explore a range of factors possibly contributing to this family’s situation, secondly, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each theory’s intervention approach and thirdly, develop a tentative case plan to discuss with this family.

REMEMBER: that this assignment builds on your learning from Assignment 1, so critical self-reflection and self-awareness must be evident throughout your discussion. You must use relevant literature to inform and support your discussions.

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