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The 20th Century Social Movements

The 20th Century Social Movements

Requirements and Formatting:


-900 to 1100 words


-12 pt. font

-You must use the funnel style for your introduction

-No “floating quotations”

Remember to ground your analysis in the text and use historical details and quotes to support your argument. 


-You must use Chicago Style footnotes to cite your sources

-You may only use assigned readings as sources. You do not need to use outside sources. Avoid and other venues. Do not consult websites.

-Objective Tone: Do not use first or second person (I, me, we, our, etc.)



Topic Prompt

Choose one of the following mid-to-late-twentieth century social movements: the Civil Rights movement; the Women’s movement; the Anti-Vietnam War movement; the Gay and Lesbian Rights movement; the Black Power movement; or the Conservative Movement.


After choosing a movement to focus on, answer the following question:  What were the primary goals (2 or 3) of the movement, and what strategies did this movement use in attempting to implement these goals?


For this Paper, you should use evidence from the following assigned readings:

– Chapter 26: Lives Changed and Chapter 27: The New Politics of the Late 1960s of the Fraser book in Revel

– Chapter 11 and 12 of Going to the Source:Chapter 11, Speaking of Equality, p. 248-265 and Chapter 12, Writing on the Ivy Walls, p. 272-287

– Simon Hall, “Patriotism, Protest, and the 1960s,” in American Patriotism, American Protest: Social Movements Since the Sixties (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011), 9-25. (available on BB)

-Steven F. Lawson, “The Long Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968,” in Freedom Rights (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2006), 61-79. (BB)

-Alison Lefkovitz, “Men in the House: Race, Welfare, and the Regulation of Men’s

Sexuality in the United States, 1961-1972,” Journal of the History of Sexuality

20, no. 3 (September 2011): 594-614. (available on BB)

-PremillaNadasen, “From Widow to ‘Welfare Queen’: Welfare and the Politics of Race,” Black Women, Gender + Families 1, no. 2 (Fall 2007): 52-77. (BB)

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